Saturday, August 29, 2009

Giveaway winner(s) hereeee!

Okay... :) Time for the announcement for the giveaway winner(s)! :) Yes you saw that right! More than one winner because I am generous like that, okay just kidding. :P But yes, there is more than one winner!

First up, I shall announce the winner for the $25 gift cert to be used on Twopeas!

IS..... NO. 32!

which means... you, ANN! (it was really easy to count the 32nd comment from 35 comments, lol!)

Ann said...
Cool prize down here! :) Hope you win the Prima contest!

Congratulations Ann! Please get in touch with me at ohmyshermin[NOSPAM] to receive your spankin' $25 gift cert. :)

Well, I felt bad and also tried to generate a few more numbers to each receive a $5 gift cert at from me. :) So I generated 2 more numbers and guess who gets the treat? :)

28, and 12, COME ON UP!

Which means...

Blogger *Monica* said...
Wow, what an awesome giveaway! And so generous of you.
Happy 1000 posts!


Brittney said...

Wow, what a great prize. Who doesn't love shopping?! Congrats on the 1000 posts (and here's to another 1000!).

gets the additional $5 gift certificate over at Twopeas as well! I hope it's not too shabby! :D
Similiarly, email me at ohmyshermin[NOSPAM] so that I can "send" over your prize virtually as soon as possible!

(I still think my email address is very cool. I am a geek. Whatever. :D)

That's all for now! All giveaway winners, please email me as soon as possible to claim your prize! Thank you so much for all the kind wishes, votes, etc, etc! I will be off to check out the blogs of all those who commented and leave some sweet messages as soon as possible...

and yes, to another 1000th post! Working on it. ;)
Yes, am I fast or what? Just 15 minutes after the end of the giveaway and I already announced the winners. :D

My tribute back to the peas; kidding. ;) ***GIVEAWAY POST***

**** Boring nostalgic moment ******
(skip it if you find this kinda stuff boring :P but it's not too long anyway so hang in there!)

I've been scrapbooking since late 2007; honestly, I haven't really stopped, but I've breaks in between. I am a major geek, a really really really major one. I am practically glued to the computer 24/7 (though it seems like I've not been active in anything regarding scrapping online)... so its no surprise that the moment I discovered scrapbooking, I discovered TwoPeas too.

I dare not say that I've been a really active Pea.

Sometimes life just get in the way, and you can't expect me to post something on the Peas boards/gallery every single day... and yes it took me quite a bit of time to climb to the almighty 1000th post as a proud Pea, as each user on the message board is affectionately known as. Yes, I have reached the much coveted (okay, not really :P) 1000th post in one and a half year. I definitely wish for more to come. :) - Well, at least I am working on it right now!

I've gotten into small dramas in there before, I am sure every hobby has its fair share of dramas. but it's alright, the pros surely outnumbered the cons. I discovered some friends, as well as some amazing talents/inspirations on 2Peas, and thus, it's payback. :)

******End of boring nostalgic moment********
Yay, now congratulations to you for getting this far! :D

The giveaway....

I pretty much figured that since I live in Singapore, and if I want to send some yummylicious products overseas, the international shipping would probably have killed me; or the shipping costs would have outweight the costs of the goodies itself. That's not good, of course. :P

So, I shall display my inner geek instincts! :D

Instead of me choosing the products, why don't you choose it instead? Sounds good, no? :) And since I am trying to pay it back to the fellow peas who has brought me joy and inspiration in the midst of this hobby, why don't I just pay it back to the community? After much consideration on what I should put on as a giveaway... I finally realized the perfect solution.

A $25 gift certificate for you to shop at TwoPeas!

(Of course I would want to make the value of the gift certificate higher, but pardon me, I am just a struggling student/aspiring web designer who makes money online by designing websites for others - I am guessing I am pretty much an artistically inclined person :D $25 is probably the only spare cash I could afford at the moment - afterall, I already spent most of them away on buying products on Twopeas, yes, I am very guilty!)

So, you wanna ask how you could win that awesome, spankin' $25 gift cert huh? :) Well, let me tell you how... of course there's a few catch here and there, but trust me, nothing major/taxing going on!

To get a chance to win, you just have to do the following things:

- For one chance, you just have to leave a comment on this post.

- For two chances, you just have to blog about this giveaway on your blog and then leave yet another comment to tell me you've already linked me up. :) or be a follower of my blog, and leave a comment yet again so that I can include you in this giveaway (I might miss you if you didn't comment!).

- For three chances, do the above two, then vote for my entry (#4292) over at Prima's Summer Teen Contest 2009, (voting information can be found right there - deadline is on 28th August so you might want to vote fast in case you lose the opportunity to throw in another chance for the giveaway!) and then leave me another comment here yet again telling me that you've already voted for my entry! If you could leave a comment on the original blog post at prima as well!

- For four chances to win, do the above 3 and additionally, spread the word around on other boards as well, if you can! Do remember to leave a comment yet again, leaving me an URL to go check out what you wrote! :)

This giveaway will end on 30th August 2009, and the winner will be announced on this blog on the 31st! The winner will be selected through a random number generator!

This is my first time doing a giveaway and I hope it's not too shabby, of course, I would love to drop you guys some more love when I hit my 2000th post... 5000th post.... 10,000th post.... so on and so forth! :D But I am pretty sure that will be a long way ahead so this should do for now!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good news! :D (edited with picture+more information :D)

Just wanted to drop a note here that I'm one of the top 10 finalists on Prima's teen contest! *screams in excitement* I'm really really honoured to be selected as one of the finalists, and would really appreciate any votes coming through to vote for me as the eventual winner. :)

If you've missed my previous blog posts, this is the layout that I submitted for Prima:

Entry #4292: All About Me:
AllAboutMeCopy4 by you.

Supplies List:
Patterned Papers: Creative Imaginations, Prima Marketing (photo frame)
Flowers: Prima Marketing's Trellis flowers in pink and white (awesome shades)
Embellishments: October Afternoon, Prima Marketing (Donna Downey's "love" canvas tag, paper rose made from Flirty little secrets patterned paper, rose rubon cut into half for use on the photograph and frame)
Alphas: American Crafts
Border/Others: Prima Marketing's Sew Cute stitched mulberry paper.

Journaling reads (It became too small when I resized it) :
"All about me: 15, a little meek, a little emotional and a wee bit too sensitive sometimes... but absolutely loved <3"

Please vote for me if you've the time! More information regarding voting can be found here! (You can also view the other amazing entries as well at the same time!) My entry no. is #4292 if you're wondering! Please feel free to vote for other deserving entries as well if my layout is not your desired choice! :D

More information on my layout can be found on a previous post on this blog!

Please do check my layout out and vote for me if you can/wish! Thank you so much and I really appreciate your effort in voting for me! :)

(This post is gonna stay up here until 28th August before I delete it! Updates should continue as usual! Please scroll below for my updates!)

xx Shermin :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Prima's product picks :)

I've always been a HUGE Prima fan (as if it already wasn't enough)! I mean, seriously, tell me who can resists those beautiful products Prima comes out with each time...? This season's release is ESPECIALLY tempting to me. :D

Prima has now came up with something really, really fun. :) They chosen some of their favorite products and put them into an ensemble (whereby the colors, and everything matched perfectly well!) so that fellow scrappers like us who're bad at matching products can now have a match to witness how Prima products come together! :D

Look at the perfect combination they've put out this time:


(That's not all of their new releases, of course!) :P

Prima Product Picks Include:

Fleur Danseur: These vintage flowers are absolutely stunning with the gem centers!

Pebbles: Patterned pebbles are perfect for a flower center or as an embellishment on your project.

Say It In Pearls Butterfly Swirl: These are totally feminine and precious! These swirls can be applied to almost ANY medium!

Holiday Lights Pearl Vine: Lovely vines filled with peach-colored pearl beads.

Gypsy Petals: Layers of yummy fabric with lightly singed edges and a gorgeous center.

Fleur Danseur:Sweet flowers made with fancy fabrics and complete centers.

Baroque Blooms: like large flowers? These are perfect for a fab focal point or an altered project!

Say It In Pearls: These centers will add class and elegance to any project!

Romani Flowers: These gorgeous flowers include a combination of beautiful fabric and pearls!

Trellis Roses: Sweet roses that look freshly picked!

Felt Stems: Just add flowers for a fabulous look!

Are you drooling yet, I am? :) And do you REALLY REALLY want a chance to win some equally yummy products from Prima? Then hop over to the Prima's blog here! You just have to post something about their product's picks and include that in your blog, and bravo, you get a chance to win! Doesn't that sounds awesome? In the meantime, I really cannot wait for some of these products to hit stores!

I hate to be biased... but Fleur Danseur, Say it in Pearls, Holiday Vines, Gypsy Petals, Romani Flowers gotta be my favorites! They're literally calling my name! (I would add Trellis Roses to the list, but I already bought it - and guess what? I already used up practically all of them and even bought another packet in the coral shade!)

I would love to make a project with these goodies someday though... so as soon as it hits stores... better watch out! :D

Oh, and since we're on the topic of Prima, don't you want to tap onto more of Prima's awesomeness by helping me, and vote for my layout (Entry #4292) over here @ the teen scrapper contest as well? Voting details can be found right there! It's really simple, you just have to email your vote over! :D Voting ends on 28th August 2009, which basically means that there's only about a week left for you guys to vote... so please take the chance to help me! Thank you so much! xx

Monday, August 17, 2009

Enjoy life... or not?

It's one of those days, that I've emotional moments.
Things aren't going smooth, even the creations I made turn out to look like... uh, dare I say it, CRAP. I've never been that harsh on myself, although I've been said to be my own worst critic.

Easel - Spotlight
Canvas - Spotlight
Patterned Papers - Creative Imaginations
Paint - Sakura
Chipboard - Cosmo Cricket
Dimensional stickers - Making Memories
Ticket - Jenni Bowlin

I've been 'paid' by my friend to do this for her sister's birthday, (by paid, I mean she buys all the products and I get to keep all the leftovers, which is a good deal if you ask me) but I felt like I've ruined it.

She paid a lot for all the products and I don't want her to receive something substandard-ish. At the same time, I can't get myself to do things right. Morever, her sister's birthday is just on the 19th, which is a hard deadline to compete with.

It's my first time working with canvas and all, so I'm unfamiliar with it. I already painted on the canvas so I can't really reverse it, unless how you can adhere paper temporarily with temporary adhesive. Everything doesn't come together, even the original pony chipboard she bought was ruined by me. I feel like refunding her the money and everything for the products I've wasted but at the same time, she's looking for something handmade and not premade for her sister.

It is a hard decision, to keep or not to keep?

Meanwhile, please continue to support me at Prima Teen Comp (entry #4292). It's probably one of the only thing that keeps me going. Would love to hear comments on voting, I will check out your blog and leave some sweet messages too. xx :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Under my camera, mera, mera, ra ra ra ra.

Pardon me for my lame title. I am pretty sure that came from a puny brain that is too tired from studying right now haha.

I am supposed to be studying for my Biology examinations on Monday... but honestly, not in the mood. I am more into the 'scrapping mood' right now. :) It's so ironic that I spent so little time during the holidays to scrap when I've so much time to spend on leisure activities such as scrapping, but right now, I've so many commitments but yet I feel so like scrapping.

I am pretty sure scrapbooking is a good platform for me to relieve my stress and take my mind away from commitments that doesn't seem all too appealing.

I am in the midst of creating some layouts and hopefully, I will be able to finish them and upload them soon, I am a pretty slow scrapper as well as photographer. :) Not to mention, Petrina and her sister, Valerie aren't exactly my kids so... they only drop by peroidically and I only have these few photos of them, and I am pretty sure people don't want to see my face slapped onto every single layout I create... I am pretty much camera-shy too... at least to a certain extent! The rest of my family are very camera-shy too... so I am one of those few people that has way too many supplies, but way too little photos to scrap of :P Ironic huh? :D

Okay, anyhowdy, since we are on the topics of cameras... :) My parents are about to get me a DSLR for my birthday present... yes, after 2 years of begging but there has to be a catch for it.. such as cost and everything... and they also want to make sure I don't abandon my studies after getting the camera to play with!

I am pretty much interested in the Nikon D90, or the Canon Rebel 400D. I can't choose! Both are expensive (well its a DSLR, what can I expect? LOL!) so I am stuck in a rut. My parents haven't exactly got me a birthday present since I was about 11/12 and all I have gotten since are birthday cakes and nothing else. The point is I didn't want anything, haha, not that they didn't want to get me anything, I wanted a laptop but they deemed it as being too expensive and I already have a perfectly working desktop... so its alright. ;D

So now, they're "repaying" me back all the birthday presents they owed me in one go - through a DSLR. I could choose between DSLR and laptop but I figured a DSLR would be a better investment... I could get a laptop when I advance to junior college (in Singapore) next year anyway, since a laptop is definitely needed for school work. So yes, DSLR seemed like a better investment afterall! Haha. ;)

Oh, on the competition note, I am also glad to befriend another fellow teen scrapper through the Prima Teen Comp too! Her name is Kayla and she has a blog called My Creative Nerve! Her creations are really lovely and she's really talented for her age as well. She also have an equally lovely personality and we exchanged a few emails... and dare I say, each email had definitely exceeded 100 words... that's how much we can talk to each other. She is also the owner of a fun challenge site called Scrap the Girls... the challenge this month is really easy and the prizes are really yummy.. like gift certificates to some scrapping stores! Do check her out. :)

That's all for now, hopefully I will be back to share a few more layouts soon! Hopefully there will be less of these kinda picture-less posts because I can't stand wordy posts like these too! Oh and another shameless plug hehe. :) Please continue voting for me at the Prima Teen Comp okay? :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Those eyes speak!

Just wanted to drop by... even though I am supposed to study for my test for tomorrow right now, but I am sure it couldn't hurt to update my blog while I take a small little break! :D I just created something new the other day right after I finished my Prima's teen project (and yes, I am so honoured to be selected as one of the top 10 finalists! If it isn't too much trouble, please vote for my layout... more information can be found on the blogpost right at the top of my blog as well as this link!)I had some leftovers from the products I bought and decided to make use of them. :)

A relatively simple layout that doesn't make use of a lot of products...

Those eyes speak...
Speak by you.

Patterned Papers: Prima Marketing (yes, I bought 2 of the same 'sew cute' paper... I guess I couldn't resist it afterall!), Basic Grey
Rub-ons: October afternoon
Alphas: American Crafts
Font: Times New Roman, Brockscript (For journaling purposes)

(Journaling reads: "These eyes are the most gorgeous pair that I've ever seen. They just speak for your jovial and innocent personality")

I initially started off with the idea of a 'storybook-structure', for this layout but alas, another failed attempt. I love the colors of this layout... but just can't pinpoint what seems 'wrong'. I keep feeling that there's something lacking about the above layout. :(

Alright, back to the study train now, choo-choo!

Just before I go, could you spare a vote for me? :) Here here! So sorry for the shameless plug!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Live, Laugh, Love

How nice it would be if I can "live, laugh, love" everyday. Although I know its virtually impossible, I will still try my best to make it happen.

That aside, on the aesthetic aspect, I just changed my blog background and header. Background courtesy of and well, I just made the blog header myself. Not that well-done since I wasn't feeling inspired.

Same goes for this card. I wasn't feeling exactly inspired and just rushed through one piece because my friend's birthday is just tomorrow. That's what you get for rushed work! It is also one of my first card-making experience and I used scraps to complete it, so yeah. :) As if it wasn't obvious enough, I really really loved the ribbon. The quote is so typical yet so meaningful. :)

Live,Laugh,Love by you.

Patterned papers: Pink Paislee, SEI
Ribbon: Ki Memories
Ribbon holder: Making Memories

(Photo wasn't well-taken because of rainy weather and dark clouds. Normally I would wait for better weather conditions before taking a photo, but not that much of a choice here because I have to send the card over to my friend by tomorrow, haha!)

I definitely hope that she will embrace the signifance behind this card. :)
Now I can't wait for my own birthday, lol! It's 24th September if anybody wish to know, *hinthint*

Please leave comments whenever you can! I will be sure to check out your blog back and leave some comments as well. :)