Friday, August 14, 2009

Under my camera, mera, mera, ra ra ra ra.

Pardon me for my lame title. I am pretty sure that came from a puny brain that is too tired from studying right now haha.

I am supposed to be studying for my Biology examinations on Monday... but honestly, not in the mood. I am more into the 'scrapping mood' right now. :) It's so ironic that I spent so little time during the holidays to scrap when I've so much time to spend on leisure activities such as scrapping, but right now, I've so many commitments but yet I feel so like scrapping.

I am pretty sure scrapbooking is a good platform for me to relieve my stress and take my mind away from commitments that doesn't seem all too appealing.

I am in the midst of creating some layouts and hopefully, I will be able to finish them and upload them soon, I am a pretty slow scrapper as well as photographer. :) Not to mention, Petrina and her sister, Valerie aren't exactly my kids so... they only drop by peroidically and I only have these few photos of them, and I am pretty sure people don't want to see my face slapped onto every single layout I create... I am pretty much camera-shy too... at least to a certain extent! The rest of my family are very camera-shy too... so I am one of those few people that has way too many supplies, but way too little photos to scrap of :P Ironic huh? :D

Okay, anyhowdy, since we are on the topics of cameras... :) My parents are about to get me a DSLR for my birthday present... yes, after 2 years of begging but there has to be a catch for it.. such as cost and everything... and they also want to make sure I don't abandon my studies after getting the camera to play with!

I am pretty much interested in the Nikon D90, or the Canon Rebel 400D. I can't choose! Both are expensive (well its a DSLR, what can I expect? LOL!) so I am stuck in a rut. My parents haven't exactly got me a birthday present since I was about 11/12 and all I have gotten since are birthday cakes and nothing else. The point is I didn't want anything, haha, not that they didn't want to get me anything, I wanted a laptop but they deemed it as being too expensive and I already have a perfectly working desktop... so its alright. ;D

So now, they're "repaying" me back all the birthday presents they owed me in one go - through a DSLR. I could choose between DSLR and laptop but I figured a DSLR would be a better investment... I could get a laptop when I advance to junior college (in Singapore) next year anyway, since a laptop is definitely needed for school work. So yes, DSLR seemed like a better investment afterall! Haha. ;)

Oh, on the competition note, I am also glad to befriend another fellow teen scrapper through the Prima Teen Comp too! Her name is Kayla and she has a blog called My Creative Nerve! Her creations are really lovely and she's really talented for her age as well. She also have an equally lovely personality and we exchanged a few emails... and dare I say, each email had definitely exceeded 100 words... that's how much we can talk to each other. She is also the owner of a fun challenge site called Scrap the Girls... the challenge this month is really easy and the prizes are really yummy.. like gift certificates to some scrapping stores! Do check her out. :)

That's all for now, hopefully I will be back to share a few more layouts soon! Hopefully there will be less of these kinda picture-less posts because I can't stand wordy posts like these too! Oh and another shameless plug hehe. :) Please continue voting for me at the Prima Teen Comp okay? :)


Kayla Renee said...

Oh, thanks Shermin, your so kind!

As for DSLR, I have the Canon Rebel XT (I think) which is the 450D. It's a fantastic camera!
My older sister has the 400D and loves that to. It's the model down from mine but basically the same!
Mine just has a bigger screen, live view *which I would only use if it were on a tripod because it takes off auto focus* and it has more MP.

Your going to love a DSLR. They are so much fun to play around with.

I hope that your exam went well.

Kayla. :0)

Shermin said...

My parents looked around and 450D is too expensive to afford! They wanted me to get a 1000D, which is a cheaper alternative (of course... parents always want the bargain in everything :P)

So I am working on saving up money and then top-up to the money needed to get 450D from 1000D. I would love the live view, although that means taking away some of the functions to play with! :(

Thank you for the sweet messages once again!

Kristin said...


Wanted to let you know that I purchased the D80 in January and love it! It is the older version of the D90 but much cheaper. I just purchased the body and ordered a lens online since the glass on the kit lens is junk.

Good Luck with your decision!

Shermin said...

Thank you so much for your input! I am more inclined towards the Canon ones though... can't decide! :D