Saturday, February 14, 2009

I spy with my little eye againnn..

I'm officially detached from the online world.
*Not exactly, but pretty much even more detached from my scrapblog*

Probably one of the worst 'sneaks' photographed in the whole world.
Featuring one of the most gorgeous Valentine's collection I have ever seen, manufactured by Making Memories. They certainly deserve the credit. ;)

QOH by you.
(pst, this is not for any special challenge or anything, just thought that the whole sneaky thing makes it look cute, and I haven't exactly finished this layout, so yeah. I need to get my ass off the computer chair and go get a few doilies!)

My mojo went on a long hard vacation and somehow, never came back. I am my own worst critic, so any layout that are perhaps already 3/4 done and if it still doesn't looks pleasing to me, it goes into the bin. That's as bad as the situation is...

I have never been that kind of scrapper who can scrap without any single stress and also within a very short time (except for a few instances of course), so coming up with a layout, especially when school reopened 1 and a half month ago makes it very difficult for me.

Everytime I start on a layout, there's bound to be a few inevitable dilemma.
Does it looks good horizontally or vertically? Does the photo's colors matches those of the papers and 'bellies I have used? Will this be a eye-catching layout? So on and so forth. I think the number of layouts I have chucked into the bin cannot be count with the number of fingers that we, every other normal human has.

Photography, on the other hand, hasn't been much kinder to me either. I'm not trained professionally in the art of photography (well, actually, I self-learnt whatever I know about my camera. You know, something like trial and error? ;D) so most of my photographs have a few glitches here and there.

I have never made the effort to learn about the various functions, the effect of lightning on photographs and most of all, what makes a good photograph anyway, besides, I am stuck with the option of having a 5 megapixels digital camera and not having the almighty DSLR that I can only hope for in my dreams.

Yes, that's the woes of a poor student who's still waiting to enter college and eventually get a job somewhere, and eventually having the finances to buy something viable.

On the other hand, I curbed my temptation of hoarding and finally dehoarded some stash. *See the layout sneaky above* I finally ripped open that fateful pack of Making Memories die-cut tags (my heart wrenched when I did that, call me a drama mama, but that's the cold hard truth) to spend a quarter of them (not literally) on the layout above.

Hmm... anyway, as I entered my LSS to enjoy some eye candy and also at the same time subduing myself not to sink deeper into the sea of hoarding, I still sank into it anyway. I bought these BEAUTIFUL highquality washi paper. Be sure to see more of these darlings in my future layouts! (or maybe not, I will probably cherish them to much to use them and instead continue to hoard them...)

Here's some eye candy for you guys too! (Do you guys love/hate me or what? :D)
Washi by you.
Yes, I am self-aware the photography in this one sucks too.

You should have looked at them in real-life! The quality of the paper felt very much like fabric and I heard it's actually recommended for quilting too! The prints are fabulous too! I am not sure whether you can tell in the photograph above, but all the flowers are actually outlined in gold foil and sprinkled with gold sparkle.... eek! What's NOT to love about these papers?!

On yet another happy note, it took me like a pathetic week before realising I am the winner of the ScrapSchemes' challenges/prompts. I hope they haven't confiscate the goodies they meant for the winner anyway. :P

This would be what I am expecting in the mail very very soon. ;)

Now, spying with my little eye, I spots some extremely pretty inks, stamps, papers, rubons, flair badges, stitched blossoms, stickles, paint & brads. Yes, I'm that awesome.
Have I mentioned how much I loved this pack of goodies? Now, turn your pretty head over to the Scrapschemes blog again, and you will realise for their next challenge, they are also giving out some extremely yummy-looking goodies.

Do they also have another policy of not letting the previous winner win again? Cause I certainly would love to put my paws on this pack of baby too, tell me who can resist MM goodies? Resistence is futile, baby.

Now, get going to scrapschemes. If you do win, please share this pack of goodies with me, pretty please? *flutters eyelashes* I will love you forever if you do so!


Shawna said...

Hello its Shawna from Scrap Schemes..i didnt see your email come through with your address. could you please try resending it.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, I did win this RAK in the end but have not recieved it yet! Did it take a while to get yours? Shawna has now given up Scrapschemes and Katy has taken over so I'm considering contacting her?!?
Lou XX