Saturday, February 28, 2009

First attempt at digital scrapbooking

Well well well, I was drawn to these cute little fruits images and since it was at the good ol' price of $8 for papers, die-cuts, labels and since they're all printable, it could work for the 80%-traditional-scrapper like me. :)

Thought it was a value for all those cute stuff! I swear, my designing skills are so not doing it any justice. I am sure there's so much more talented ladies utilizing the kit and makin' it work. ;)

Here's the piccy; if anybody's interested that is. I changed the hue and saturation for a whole load of stuff, make-pretense-scallop-border, and basically drop-shadowed everything else. Not a good attempt, I think. Wasn't feeling all that good physically and mentally while I was doing this layout and I don't work under mood swings, so uh...

Kitschy Fruits Kit; You're kawaii! by you.
I hope no one noticed I used the same photograph as the sneaky that was shown in a previous post... shh! This shot of Petrina was too cute to NOT use again.

Tata, have a blessed weekend, people! :)

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