Thursday, March 12, 2009


for the massive lack of updates here. :) I am back to show some eye candy, seeing that I've been creating. It sure does feels good to know that I am still continuing to become the arty-farty little me.

Oh, and watch out all you blog-headers-lovers people ;D, I've acquired some digi scrapping skills and would probably apply them to help me put on a blog-header. So rejoice! No more boring blog layouts without a colorful header!

Something that I've done but 'still doesn't feel right', that kinda layout. I am not sure whether that makes sense, oh well!

I have added a 'signature style' watermark indicating this is my photograph, even though there's nothing to steal, but I kinda like the effect it brings the photo. I guess I am a sucker for anything that just looks handmade/arty-farty! :D

Sneak by you.

I will be back!

Currently in the midst of creating a birthday card for a beloved friend (and her twin, oh how I wish I can have a twin sister!) who's away on camp (imagine having to spend your birthday with creepy-crawlies) and I would probably be back soon to reveal it when the beautiful recipient is already met with the surprise. (which will be sunday/monday!)

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