Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some lovelies

I like to lurk around online sites a lot, particularly those that are slightly catered to the 'crafty' side of me, although many times, I was tempted to click the 'checkout' button but never did. Here's a wishlist that I've conjured up. :)

The items are all available on if anybody's interested. :)

Things that are incredibly cute:

1. woodlands animals notebook with a reminiscent victoria era's feather pen :D

2. incredibly cute victorian bird hang-up art wall panel. - i totally dig the colors. :)

3. Miso pretty vespa tray (melamine) - reminds me of the 1950s era in oriental culture! :D

4. ice-cream cone kitchen timer. can you spell adorable? :)

5. a must-have for any die-hard desserts fans... in other words, me! (boy, do i crave for those chocolate frosting cupcakes right now!)

6. lined paper with screen-printed bird on each page. eekkkk, they're so beautiful. :)

7. retro salt and pepper shakes - domestic goddesses... UNITE!

I also hope this pictures serve as an inpiration to you - many of these items seems like chicken soup for the crafty soul!

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The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Thanks for your comment! I didn't realize you were on Studio Calico too. Do you subscribe to the kit? How long does it take to get to you? My May arrived at my freight forwarder in Florida on Wednesday and theoretically I should have gotten it by Friday, but as often happens it's still in transit... I hope to get it today. If not today, Friday. I can't wait! And I am so excited about the June kit since Elizabeth Kartchner is my favourite SBer ever!