Friday, May 29, 2009

Prima teen contest?

As the fact that examinations have just ended up dawned upon me, I couldn't feel any happier!
Because, after exams are over, I can look forward to the following:

- More time for scrapping, of course
- Relaxation.
- Holidays (well, vacations were planned, but now these ideas have to be shelved thanks to the recent outrage of swine flu, talk about bummer!)
- More time to just stay at home
- Shopping!
- Sleeping - oh god, you have no idea how hard it is for me to crawl out of bed at the crack of each dawn before I get to school.

As usual, being the geek I ever am, I was bloghopping, message board-ing, pea-ing, and basically just adding an -ing to whatever scrapbooking is related to on the web. Checked out the new Studio Calico's reveal, and I FINALLY caved in and bought one kit. Ain't I proud of myself or what? I'm sooooo looking forward to receive it in my mail box. :D

In the midst of bloghopping, I happened to see this teen contest from Prima. I am like "BOOYAAAAAAA!" when I saw the notice. I mean, seriously, its so hard to have competitions catered towards teens to come by these days, since the main target group of scrappers are generally about the age whereby females take on the responsibility of motherhood, if you get what I mean, and now that it's restricted to scrappers between the age of 13-19 to focus on giving more chances towards the slightly younger group of scrappers (I am 15 going on 16 - I am perfectly in the midrange), WHO CAN GIVE THE CHANCE UP? :)

Young people copy

Oh lord, I am so excited now. Prima is so generous, just look at the prizes. I mean, while I am relatively sure I won't be able to win anything, I guess earning a feature on their blog (mind you, they get hundreds or even thousands of hits daily) would be sufficient to keep me grinning all day!

But of course, as every scrapper would dream, scrappy goodies for free if you do win the competition, for me, the chances are pretty low, considering there's still a huge bunch of talented young scrappers on there, let alone some 'diamonds in the rough'.

Do you see what I see? The 1st for this competition gets to earn a hefty prize of $200 (retail value) of Prima products (J'adore those flowers and papers!!), $100 barnes and nobles voucher (Prima sure knows how to encourage reading amongst us, huh!) and last but not least, guest designer spot on their design team, woots, sounds way too excitinggg, and even the runner-up gets to receive $150 retail value worth of prima products. That's enough to keep me hyperventilating all day long. :D

And the projects to be submitted are relatively simple, either a mini-book, layout or wall decor, and the theme is 'All about me'. A great chance for us, scrappers, as well, to get away from being the photographer and allow ourselves to shine through the camera lenses. It sounds like an awesome keepsake page for future memories as well. Maybe, 30 years later, when I chance upon the layout again, it will bring back those good ol' memories I had, and the crazy me when I was still an adolescent. Ah... :)

Even those layouts that are not selected for these yummy prizes get to be featured on Prima blog too, which is not a bad thing either, I mean, its PRIMA. Oh no, I almost sound like I am idolizing Prima now, which, in reality, actually, I am! The deadline is so loooong, and since I have a month full of vacation now, be sure that I will sink my heart and soul into creating something absolutely beautiful for the contest. And maybe, for the first time ever, my face would be seen, lol!

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