Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something that looks like a bumblebee.

I've been digging this color combo, yellow and black! These 2 colors (yellow and black) really help to make each other pop even though they resemble the colors of, erhh, well, a bumblebee! (which suggests the name of today blog post's title! Heh!)

Manicure sneakie peekie! by you.

I haven't been blogging nor scrapping, which is a really bad sign, given that I am actually on school holidays right now. I should spend the time doing either one of them instead of being a couch potato. Once school starts right back again, I am guessing I will have no time for either of them due to school commitments, homework, yadahyadah. I guess y'all get the drift.

Okay, I know I should stop showing layouts' sneaks with no intention of ever showcasing the entire layout to the public. The truth is... I am that much of a lazy piggo to take the layout and photograph it in a nice way that it can fully displays all the details, and everything in a nice-ish or at least decent way. I am not good at photographing layouts and I doubt I will be in any time soon, so yeah.

Scanning isn't a problem in showing all the details decently, but it really is a major hassle to do all the necessary edits in Photoshop after scanning, because afterall, my scanner is not 12x12, and instead, the standard A4 size scanner. And I am a sucker for die-cut papers, especially scallops, so the scallops details often get cut off at the side no matter how I dealt with it, so hmm, the only solution is to take multiple scans and piece everything together in Photoshop. Now you know it isn't all that fun, and its actually well, very technical-ish. :(

This layout, I sorta went crazy with all the placement and everything. I used one of the Paislee pages that Pink Paislee snugly produced. I must say, its soooo versatile!

That said, I need to work on some birthday cards now (it's crazy as to how 4 out of my 6 best buds' birthdays fall in June/July!) as well as the impending Father Day's card... off to check out some mojo nowwww.

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