Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nostalgic - the final installment (LOL!)

This still remains one of my favorite layouts despite it looking kinda amateur-looking(ish). Well, I was an amateur and this was the art of an amateur... so what can you expect? Ah, the first time I actually attempted serious stitching on papers!

I still fondly remembered that when I was 7 years old, I tried to make a Mothers' Day card for my mom, and I tried to stitch a heart on the construction paper (Yeah, I totally didn't know about the existence of scrapbooking supplies almost a decade ago!) and well, it was not that well-done... my mom even let out a comment that it looked more like a twisted oval instead of a heart when I tried to explain to her. Oh well!

HandmadeClaydolls by you.
Alphas: American Crafts, Making Memories
Patterned Papers: Basic Grey
Cardstock stickers: Basic Grey
Adhesives: Pop dots
Embroidery floss: Brandless (got it from my mom's sewing kit, ah-ha!)

So the stitching is still not that well-done here, but hey, given this is the first serious attempt I had tried stitching on paper, surely I deserve a pat on the back? Haha!, well, okay, the handmade claydolls in the layout is lovingly made by a best friend for me. She is really skilled in the arts of making these claydolls, which are oh-so-adorable. I used the Basic Grey "Sugared" collection because well, it's really sweet!

That's all for now. I don't think I can find any more old layouts to share. Btw, this layout is circa June 2008. So yeah, actually, till now, I am actually quite fond of this layout. :)

I will be back later to post some exciting news! (Well, exciting to me, at least... because it's my first time! Shhh.. you will hear back later! :D)

Oh and good news is, my mojo is finally returning. Working on some new creations right now! Can't wait to show you guys when I am done with them. The bad news is, I only have 5 days left till my vacation is over. :( Apparently, the government here refused to give us an extension of holidays despite the H1N1 virus spreading, albeit slowly. Yeah, I am getting kinda nutty over it. :P I mean, seriously, don't you want some extra days to just sit down on the couch/or computer chair for the matter of fact and do nothing?

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your site is looking so great! love what you are working on.