Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nostalgia ~ down the memory lane - part 1

Does anybody wants to see my first SB Layout? It's so yucky that even I want to puke on it, but if I were to puke on it, it would be my mother's face I am puking on, so it wouldn't be that nice! Sorry mom, the above was just a joke! Haha. :)

Chic by you.
Alpha - American Crafts
Patterned Papers - Basic Grey
Cardstock Stickers - Basic Grey
Crystals - Prima Marketing

This is a not-so-proud work of 2007/2008 *I can't remember when exactly it was*. Go ahead, laugh at it! I am sure all of our first layouts will look nothing like what we're working on right now... haha. But it was an awesome photograph of my mum putting on the final touches on her evening gown (my cousin was getting married on that night!) and you know, it's kinda rare at times that your mum looks fashionable, and therefore, it's a "document-able" subject. (Yes, I am aware there isn't a word like that!" haha. "Chic" was the adjective to describe my mother at that very moment. :)

Aw, how many of your first layouts was inspired by your mother?! Tell me, I am sure the figures is going to grow more inclined towards none!

I've more layouts from the past that I've yet to share yet, but I am working on scanning them in one by one and share with all of you guys. :) Just promise not to laugh, kay? :) Afterall, I was a beginner back then, and actually, still a beginner now. ;)

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Your new background is great!!!