Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Food... & breakfast.

Cardstock: American Crafts
Alphas: American Crafts
Papers: American Crafts
Stickers: K&Company, 7 Gypsies
Ribbon: K.I. Memories
Flowers: Prima Marketing

[EDIT/23.10.2009: Details added now :D]

Okay I think I've to admit it. I am not perfect. I am a major photoshop nut. :D But not to the extent of mortifying myself on that program. I did tweak the layout above using Photoshop... and I might have went a wee bit too far with the brightness and contrast tools... which explains why my doily lace (guess what I got it from - improvise, people, I got it from a local diner... they must be thinking what was a teenage girl doing/thinking by asking for something like... doily lace. That is one big syndrome of being a scrapaholic) look so vague compared to the rest of the page.

Other than that, I also added typed journalling to the page on Photoshop. Then I printed the extra copy out and snuck it on the backside of the layout protector that lies inside my scrapbook album. :D I wanted to try printing on the cardstock itself but given my clumsy nature, I will mess it up for sure, and therefore, I didn't attempt doing so, heh. :D
Well, technique-wise, I played on major tone-on-tone (white on white in this case) in this layout! I think the effect that came out was pretty cool! :D

Now on to the journaling.. it says:
{Sometimes all we have to do is to just sit back and enjoy the first meal of the day heartily and happily... too bad I always miss out on them. I need to learn to be more appreciative in the future and start to enjoy the meals!}

Well, to be honest, when I was 5... I was a chubby lil' kid because of my large appetite. Chocolates were my preferred choice of food, as with every other young kiddo. :P I even have some photos to prove the above fact! But, when I was reaching 6/7, I don't know why, but my appetite took a major downturn. I hated eating. I had a sudden disgust and distaste for all food around me. Even all the chocolates that I loved before got affected as well. The sight and thought of food and them going down my gullet/oesophagus just disgusted me. I felt like I could puke anytime and everytime food enters my mouth.

It disgusted me to the state that sometimes I could just survive on a spoonful of rice/noodles for a day (and of course, water). If they tried to force-fed me, I will just breakdown or break out into tears. At least, that's what my parents whined to me about. Well, of course, my parents were dead worried about whatever that had happened to me and brought me to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis, but the doctor said I had some kind of psychological barrier that hindered me from eating and subduing my appetite (Honestly, I had no idea what I did or heard when I was 5... so don't ask me about the details either :P I tried to ask my parents but they couldn't remember either)

But I still remembered clearly that during those times, I really hated food. Nobody truly understood why I was reacting that way towards food all of a sudden. Actually, I didn't know it myself either. No matter how my parents tried to force-fed me, I just can't eat much. That whole condition lasted for a whole month (though it got better gradually by the day), until my appetite was back to that of a normal person, to say the least.

Now that I think of it, could I have gotten anorexia when I was 6? That still remains a question, and a mystery, but definitely not one that I am desperate to solve. Just let bygones be bygones. At least those days are over now... or else all the troubles I could have caused to people around me would be distratrous if that continued till today.

Luckily, my appetite was restored. But I don't know whether it was due to me growing up or something, sometimes skipping meals doesn't come as a surprise to me anymore. I could survive easily without eating a meal (but I will still eat whenever I have to) for the day, such as breakfast, or lunch. (I am forced to come back home everyday on time to have my dinner though, I guess my mom wouldn't wish to see her daughter turn from a human being to being a virtual skeleton)
Because of the fact that I practically have to rush to school every single day, I often skip breakfast. Of course, as a biology student (albeit not a good one :P), I am highly aware that it isn't a recommended option, because several fatal stomach/gastric conditions can occur out of this habit of mine.
But sometimes, life just get in the way isn't it? I am not exactly an expert at time management either. Well, at least now I am trying to get rid of this bad habit of mine and learn to have proper meals/diets for the whole day... instead of relying just what is required.

Breakfast is extremely important. They give you the necessary boost of energy to assist you in whatever that comes in your way for the rest of the day. That probably explains for my restlessness in all of the days that I didn't take my breakfast. :D

On a sidenote, I am a huge fan of MacDonalds' Hotcakes breakfast meal. It's just simply divine when matched with maple syrup. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth yet? :P

Also submittted this layout for a challenge on American Crafts! Hopefully that gives me a chance to win some of the new Letterbox *AC's newest line that is just way too gorgeousssss* goodies.

Trust me, nobody would ever resists those pretty thickers...

(And it comes in my favorite texture ever - Fabric! :D)

I call myself a major thicker fan. I think I still have at least 10 packs of them left unused... don't even get me started on those that have been used! :P


Sarah said...

Lovely! Love the white on white! (I am visiting from the AC blog). Thanks for sharing!

Kayla Renee said...

Love this page Shermin. It's fantastic.

Hope your well.
Kayla :)

rocklady said...

thank you for your nice comment on my lo from the a.c. blog, just checking you out and i found that you are as addicted to this great hobby as i am! :)

love your white on white effect lo and those cutout cupcakes are just perfect!

Virginia said...

love this page!