Friday, October 23, 2009

geek+scrapper radar = ...

A girl can never have enough of everything... hahah. So I applied my geeky+scrapaholic radar the other day and found a whole load of scrumptious/scrapalicious goodies out there! Now, only if I have the money to purchase all of them...

In the meanwhile, I guess drooling is the only way out to satisfy my "hunger" for these. :D

Danielle Thompson's "Handle with care" label stickers for all these polaroid cameras. It totally didn't help at all that I have the EXACT same pink polaroid that is pictured in this above paragraph (too bad the film for it is already discontinued. :[ ) I bet it will look so darn cute!

Cosmo Cricket's "Girl Friday" fabric designs. I already love the designs on papers itself... and I think I will love them more even now that they're on fabric too! I really dig the mixed alpha design! :D

All these embellishments from evalicious are just too flippin' gorgeous! I bet they will look as cute as a button on some of your scrapbook pages. ;) I think I am gonna order some right now! There are also other gorgeous designs from evalicious. :)

I need either one of these journals from The Little Pink Studio desperately. :P They're just too flippin' cute and I would love to write something in them. The quotes on the cover of each journal are so meaningful as well. Also, not to mention that the colours look so gorgeous as well... *drools somemore*

These cameo silhouettes from Webster Pages are way too gorgeous. I am sucker for anything pretty and this just speaks to me! Can't wait for this to hit my LSS asap! :D They just look so vintagey-pretty. :)

I still desperately wish for the Aug'09 kit of it's just so pretty but too bad I missed it. It was sold out by the time I checked on the site... curse the fact that I cancelled my subscription earlier on in Jan this year. :( If anybody still have this kit and wishes to sell it, do drop me a note! I will be happy to take the kit off your hands. :)

This whole gift wrap set from hooraydesignshop@etsy is gonna looks like it will be making packaging mails a whole load easier and prettier as well. It also looks like it can be easily altered into something delicious. :)

I hope you've been drooling over these goodies as much as I did! They're all awesome eyecandy! :D

On a sidenote, I haven't been having much luck with challenges/contests/pub calls these days, everything I submitted didn't seems to win anything... oh well, a girl can dream right?! Haha, but since I expected "failures" from entering these contests (especially with a horde of talented scrappers around), this doesn't come as a surprise anymore! Oh well, fingers crossed for whatever contests I am gonna take part in next time... :P

Sigh, I have about $587USD worth of scrapbook goodies in my cart over at TwoPeas. So tempted to check out but I know that I do not have the financial ability to afford them right now. :P Even with the $20 gift cert I won from a weekly challenge at TwoPeas sometime before... I need to start crackin' those lazy bones inside me and start working now. :)
Doesn't help that I've been spending a lot at all my local scrapbooking stores these days... I looked into my bank account and realized I have spent approximately $300SGD (it should be about $200USD when converted) on scrapbook goodies in these 2 months... oh well, I really need to start working on practising self-control next time and also resisting temptation... but those goodies are just screaming for me to look at 'em! :( Thanks god that I have friends who are sucker for scrapbook goodies like I do (or pretty stuff in general, haha), I am able to let go of some of my goodies (and earn some quick cash in return) when I start to purge some of my scrapbook stash (and also destash my room at the same time). Wow, that's like killing more than 2 birds with just one stone! :P
I am kinda sick of this look on my blog, and I might make some drastic changes to it soon... look out for it! :D Also on the "makeover" note, I am trying very hard to destash my scrapbook stuff and my room in general (yes, I am not as lucky as some of you out there who has a personal scrapbook room. I sleep where I scrap, lmao! :D), so you might want to look out for another giveaway soon. I need to get myself an inspiration board soon as well (saw a cute one recently at a houseware store... but a hefty price tag of $50 accompanied it.. so I am currently having second thoughts on them)... inspirations always come knocking on random timings but those thoughts always escape my mind. :(

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