Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Here in Singapore, it's already 25th December, therefore it's already Christmas over here. For the northern hemisphere of the globe, Merry Christmas in advance!

Haven't been scrapbooking much lately. Been catching up with friends, going out with family, so on and so forth, therefore leaving myself with limited time for scrapping. The holidays and festive season has done nothing to kill my scrapping inspiration though, probably I am overwhelmed with some new guilty pleasures lately... (shhh)

The flea market trip was a complete failure. I made $0 sales at all, yes, nothing was sold at all. Perhaps my target audience was not exactly in the crowd over at the flea market. My items are catered for teenagers while most of the crowd there are middle-aged citizens with their young kids. At times of recession, I understand that one must tighten their purse, although I didn't expect much sales, I was hoping to at least get at least 10 or 20 bucks out of it...

However, yesterday, while on the way counting down to Christmas, I took a little break from being the resident geek at home and didn't touch my computer at all (Aw D:) I plucked up a whole lot of courage (maybe not that much) to open that drawer of doom. Why the name "Drawer of doom"? Cause everytime I open that drawer, a mess of papers, tools, and a lot of other junk would mysteriously appear in the middle of nowhere. That kinda sounds like Pandora's Box, doesn't it, without all the evil creatures and stuff? Maybe I should rename my Drawer of doom to Pandora's Box. Then again, my name ain't Pandora. ;)

Okay, enough of all the craptalk. :)

Here's a mini project I did using one of Pink Paislee Blog's tutorials. :)

PaperRing by you.

Um, here's the front view. Not the best paper ring made ever, and I doubt anyone would wear paper on their fingers out. (I didn't wear it out, but I wore it at home the whole day. :D Yes, that's how narcissistic I am)

PaperRing2 by you.

The side view.

These 2 are probably my best photographs this month. If you think these photographs are very amateur-ish, yes, they really are. I didn't read any tutorials on getting the "perfect photograph" nor receive any training. The best training I had was probably hearing from my dad how to operate the camera. The photographs are post-processed in Photoshop of course, I couldn't stand all my photographs being free of processing and then being posted online. Who would want to see a photograph that's so grainy and has terrible quality? So, I tweaked around the images a little. A little bit of messing around with the layers and contrast make a photograph look vaguely decent. Yes, that's the magic of Photoshop. ;)

What's the next thing to do on my to-do-list?
To create new notebooks for the upcoming school year of 2009 :)

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