Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not inspired :(

I practically abandoned all of my current projects.

My fatal attack point in scrapbooking is probably photos. I think I have never really done any other layouts that actually have more than 1 photo. As much as scrapbooking is about preserving as many memories as you can, I always feel that 1 photo is enough when they fail to tell the story, and the only reason why I use 1 photo only on my layouts despite my contradicting words just now is because I think having too many photos can crash the whole layout. :(

I'm currently working on a super-multiple-photo-layout (probably about 8 photos in one layout - it will be a record set for me if I really did finish this) and I hope I will not abandon this project. Then afain, right now, it only lacks the title and photos. I will probably print them out in snapshot size. :)

Oh and just for trivia purposes, one of my favourite scrapbook layout base are probably die-cut papers. I just love how delicate and pretty they are that regular 12x12 square PP are unable to bring me. Thus, don't be surprised if you see much more die-cut-layouts compared to normal PP size layout as I really really love die-cut papers! :) Needless to say, this current layout I am working on has a die-cut-PP base too... and a lot of other sassafras lass goodies!

Christmas certainly haven't slowed down my scrapbooking's pace. The only thing that's slowing my scrapbooking pace is probably preparations for my first flea market booth. However, I tried to incorporate scrapbooking into the preparations too! I made gift bags and price tags (yes! :D) out of the older PPs that I no longer had use for :)

Here's a sneak :)
Flea 3 by you.
This is probably not the best picture ever but this is the only decent picture I got as I took this at 3am in the morning when the sunlight certainly isn't shining in!

That's all for now, and sorry for not updating this scrapblog for a rather long peroid of time, as I haven't been really up to some scrapbooking business these days :(

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