Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Went out today and got a few stuff for myself.

Honestly speaking, all of them are related to scrapbooking in some sense:

- Satin photo paper! (Yes, I love the soft texture oh-so-much... I don't really adore glossy photo paper, I know, call me weird, it's like how people prefer diamonds to pearls but I prefer pearls to diamonds heh)

- Creating Keepsakes Jan 09 issue

- Scrapbook Etc Jan 09 issue

- 2GB Memory card (I max-ed out my 1GB memory card and after countless times of attempting to delete some precious photographs, I finally got myself to get a new memory card... now I don't have to worry about max-ing the the space now, well, at least for the time being :P)

- Printing ink. The colour ink on my printer is running low, so, a new ink cartridge to the rescue!

Of course, I am contented with my purchases today. :P

On the scrapping front, I just managed to upload and scan in a layout I did about 2 weeks ago and I just submitted that into my LSS's mid-monthly challenge. The RAK for the winner is the yummylicious Qtea Jan kit. Just thinking about it left me salivating over it... of course, the chances of me winning the challenge could be an impossible feat! There are so many talented scrappers in Singapore and I couldn't be more than glad to see a deserving party get that awesome prize. :)

I will upload the layout over here when I feel less lazier. 2009 is coming! I wanted to sound excited and all, but afterall, that implies that the school year is going to start as well... the top on my new year's resolution is to not spend so much time on scrapbooking and instead focus on my studies, of course! Then again, this is yet another impossible feat to achieve... I guess maybe I should just give up.


Amy Wing said...

Less time scrapping and more time studying? What are you thinking, girl?! :D haha... thanks for your comment on the Gauche Alchemy blog - good to discover your site.

Kristin said...

Hope you enjoyed the Jan 09 issues! They were really great this month!