Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another birthday layout..

Of course it's a joyous occasion to scrap your birthday... and others' too. But narcisstic me seriously did too much birthday layouts for myself and none for others.

Anyhowdy, long story cut short.
I created a birthday layout (photoless) for myself during late September to celebrate my upcoming birthday this year, and yet now again, I created ANOTHER birthday layout for myself, but the subject in photo was yours truly when I was 1 showcasing the magnificent gifts (maybe not-so-magnificent now that I have grown up :P, but I still appreciate the gifts that my parents bought for me, it's still here! But it's quite dusty haha) I received on my 1st birthday celebration after I have popped into this crazy world.

Pink is my favourite color and was present on both birthday layouts (Dig for it in my Flickr...)
Another reason I did this layout was for a challenge over at my LSS's forum (

The challenge was to scrap a memorable event (yes, yours truly's 1st birthday celebration was a grand event with loads of gifts... and certainly memorable though I was too young to remember it... now that just totally reminds me of the power of photographs and scrapbook layouts - once we get old and senile, we can just open our scrapbooks and reminisce on past memories) and also to de-hoard your stash! Meaning, you have to painfully open that package of embellishments you have kept for months/years or cut that beautiful patterned pattern lying around on your scrap desk for ages and use them on this layout. Painful, indeed, but it was worth it!

After all the crap talk, I will just let the picture do the talking. After all, pictures are worth a thousand words. :)

Remember 2409
*Click on image to enlarge!*

Any comments would be extremely appreciated! I don't intend to win since so many talented and fabulous scrappers have also submitted their layouts for this challenge, so I guess I just have to say bye-bye to that yummy RAK put up. :(

Oh well, results would be announced by tomorrow or latest this week, so fingers crossed!



The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Just saying hi from another dot on the map (Jamaica). I think I'm the only scrapbooker here, but I thought that there were quite a few on your island, no?

Playing with Dandelions said...

There is, but there's only 2 LSS around the country and many people are not too wild about the crazy prices of a piece of PP over her, let alone people my age who are still getting allowance from their parents :P