Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have been feeling rather productive :D

Completed 4 LOs (within 2 weeks).
2 more LOs in progress this week.


This might seems low production rate for most scrapbookers, but trust me, it could very well be the record for me. I usually only produce 1 LO per month, so yeah, this is really turning out into a pretty inspiring and productive peroid for me. :)

It's school holidays here in Singapore, which means that I will get to have a lot of free time compared to the hectic school hours once school starts again in January 2009. That reminds me that I better make use of the free time now before homework and exams start pouring in before I even realise it.

I will scan in the layouts and upload 'em to my Flickr/here as soon as I can! :) Been pretty busy lately so I didn't really have the time to do so...

Tata for now!


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