Thursday, November 27, 2008

Virgin post on this bloggg!

Welcome to my new blog dedicated to only crafts/scrapping and everything else pretty.

My name is Shermin and I am just a young scrapper addicted to the world of visual arts, and I am from a sunny country, Singapore, where we enjoy summer all year-round. ;)

It only occupies a small red dot on the globe, so don’t feel bad if you don’t really know about its existence.

The name ”Playing with dandelions” derived from one of the most recent layouts that I have done. It is my favourite layout to date and even the title of the layout appealed to me as well. Thus “Playing with dandelions was born”. I have previously placed all my scrapping interests and creations in my personal blog but since I kept my whole blog private, so my works have never really gone ‘public’. I have been scrapping since late 2007 till now, and I would love to share my creations and works with the rest of the world if possible. :)

Now that I have finished mentioning whatever I wanted to say, I hope you guys would enjoy this blog as I post about my crafty pursuits. :)

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