Friday, November 28, 2008


I am currently in the midst of some new creations. One's so girly.. (Scenic Route's Sonoma line, pink and yellow muted hues, floral...), and another's so boy-ish (Cosmo Cricket's Mr Campy line, marshmellow, blues, browns, torn and tattered edges)

Here's some sneak peeks!

Sneak peek 1 (the girly one!):
Brewinggg... Sonoma by you.
I'm currently stuck at this layout. I tried looking around sketch blogs, magazines and various scrapbooking inspiration sources and I can't seem to put my hand on where should I put the photos at and which embellishments I should put! Sad, huh?

Sneak peek 2 (the boyish one!):
Brewinggg... Mr Campy by you.
I started off this layout much earlier so I am almost done with it. What's left is only the stitching... I was thinking of a slightly more eccentric kind of stitching, either zigzag or artisan label brackets... I have to reach out for the embroidery floss and needle!


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