Thursday, November 27, 2008

NEW BG Release: Bittersweet!

Was cruising around 2Peas' message board as usual, and I saw this long thread with almost 20 replies saying "YUMMY BG NEW RELEASE..." and I was having this mental note to myself "They are not talking about Wassail are they...?"

Boy, was I wrong, I clicked on that fateful thread and it brought me to some serious eye candy.

Behold, the mighty new collection from BasicGrey (probably considered as their Valentine's line)


One look at the papers itself on the internet, I was already inspired to create something and a vision suddenly splashed into my mind on what I was going to create with those absolutely gorgeous papers. That has never really happened to me before. The papers literally speak to me. The colour combination of whites, pinks and browns are probably one of the best colour combinations on earth (especially for me, pink and white are listed as two of my favourite colours along with the shimmer of silver and the glamour of gold)

This ships mid-December to stores and I'm so gonna grab it once it comes on! All of you should too, before scrapping-desperados like me grab everything off the shelves, and you guys will live to regret it, ferrr sure! :P

Like how I wrote my reply on the message board thread itself, BG's really ingenious in creating a name for their collections.

Bitter, for I am going to spend my hard-earned allowance/money on to these masterpieces.
Sweet, for I am going to indulge myself into these masterpieces.

I could feel the bittersweet-ness building up inside me already...

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