Monday, January 19, 2009

Bella Blvd's doing a giveaway!

Woohoo! Giveaways, don't you always love 'em?

A while ago, I won this super beautiful fortune-telling mermaid from Gauche Alchemy along with some goodies that are currently shipping over to me now.

Now that CHA is sneaking on, so many sneak peeks has suddenly gone bursting! There's so many new stuff that I wanna buy, but the best thing is that manufacturers are now doing giveaways to us, the poor public who are still anxiously waiting for CHA and other new arrivals...

Here you go, Bella Blvd is holding a giveaway and woahh, you get to win the new collection from them...

Now get over to Bella Blvd (:

Here's one of my favorite papers from them... I think it's an open secret that I love cupcakes and everything colorful now... :P

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