Sunday, January 18, 2009

Street trip

Haji Lane, is the narrowest lane in Singapore (I think, ahah), but is also known to be a fashion haven, especially for those indielabels-lovers. Being the die-hard scrapper/photographer I am, could I give up the chance to snap some beautiful pictures? I guess not! :P

Only a few, it took me 5 minutes to finish taking them all, I didn't even bother about taking a second shot, ahah!

Added some awesome vignette textures onto these pictures. You can google 'vignette textures' to find them! I love them sooo much, they add such a vintage and neutralistic tone to my photographs :)

That's all.
Pardon me for my lousy photography... I was only armed with a 5megapixs point-and-shoot and thus, the lousy photographs. I hope to get a DSLR next Christmas! :P

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